Day for Girls kits

kits 1

By: Natalia Agon

The highlight of my week was handing out re-usable female hygiene kits to Karaguririo Primary School in Mukerweini District.

Farmers Helping Farmers works with Wakulima Dairy there as well as supporting the twining of Canadian and Kenyan schools.

These amazing kits are made by a women’s group in Guelph, Ontario through the NGO Days for Girls.

The kits contain panties, washcloths and multiple pads and liners that the girls can reuse every month.

This program allows the girls to not miss school or any other activities because of their period.

We gave the students a girl empowerment talk that had an emphasis on hygiene and the value of women, the girls were so attentive and had a ton of amazing questions. Their eyes were bright with excitement when it was finally time to get the bags.


kits 2

kits 4


kits 3








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