Learning the language

Mambo Rafiki!

With the start of the fourth week, the entirety of the summer crew in the house together and enough Kimeru (local mothertongue) to get by….things are settling in. For any keen readers, let me introduce myself. Mimi ni Ren (I am Ren), a 3rd year student at AVC and the house busker. I brought the essentials to Kenya; my guitar, my poi (glowing spinning balls) and my SPF 60. That being said, it seems as though it is too late to stop my very noticeable farmer’s tan.

Although a day by day playback would indeed be exciting to read, I will stick to some of the highlights. Highlight number one: Samburu Safari. Enough said with the smile on our faces in this video blog! (https://youtu.be/fWg74esV7ok)

Next, I invite you to see it and believe it. (https://youtu.be/cB0FXAvCQbU) Our day spent with the nutrition team brought us across the street from our house to Muruguma Primary School where we spent our time observing the cooking process and then spoke to each class, exchanging answers to shyly asked questions about Canada for a sneak peek into their school lesson that day. The most memorable moment was when a small but uber confident girl, Sharon, stood up and marched to the board to lead her equally small classmates in a call and answer for the numbers 1-10. ONE. One. TWO. Two…and so on. 

While we are talking about learning and language, I would be remiss to not mention my developing Kimeru (the mother tongue in Naari). It is amazing what the smallest amount of effort can do. Merely saying “muuga” (how are you) gets me responses of laughter, clapping and mainly gigantic smiles. This works to make me even more keen to continue expanding my Kimeru and Swahili vocabulary. A vicious cycle in the best way. 

Nibwega, asante sana and squashed banana.

Ren Chamberlain





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