A Mountain View and Mukurwe-ini

ren at thop of Mei Tei IMG_0622by Ren Chamberlain


Please enjoy a few small stories from my time here in Kenya! 

Jul 15: Today we finally hiked the ever present looming mountain of Mei Tei. In this case the word looming is to indicate a mountain that is simply much taller than any in PEI. The 40 min or so trek of a steep face was worth the sweat and tears. Reaching the summit presented us with a flat surface with trees spaced out in a perfect arrangement. A trail led us even further to reach the open face on the top of Mei Tei, rewarding us with the view of the summer! Meru town off to the left in the distance and our little Naari village directly in front of us but at quite a distance below. After some time playing “Where’s Waldo?”, we even spotted our house and Muruguma Primary School across the street!!! 

Jul 9: The American soldiers (friends we made at the Samburu Safari) have started a project to build a new orphanage for Mama Wachiras. The current place hosts about 50 kids with 7 kids to a room. They bought sheep, goats and chickens for the place, and we have offered to go and deworm the sheep/goats. We were able to deworm around 50 of their animals and boy it was a lively event. One by one, each animal was wrangled, then released from the little shed and caught in mid-leap by one of the Kenyan boys. Then Julia and I would rotate between filling our syringe and prying their little jaws in order to dose them with Twigazole dewormer! It was intense, amusing, and all around fulfilling.


young bovine 20170712_093203

Photo of a young bovine “The best patients are cows”

June 29: I am currently in Mukurwe-ini visiting the Vets Without Borders project. We went to a school today that seemed like a Kenyan version of a Dr. Seuss learning center! The place had stone paths to each classroom lined by brightly coloured rocks and motivational sayings amongst the shrubs and flowers. While trying to take in all of the magic, you would get distracted by the children launching themselves from the classroom to sprint to their next class! The first antelope child took me by surprise but eventually the lines of jogging school children became very enjoyable to see while also making me realize that this rule would never be put in place at a school back home. What a great way to keep students awake throughout the day, it certainly provides them with constant periodic exercise!

We have a very short time remaining here in Kenya. See you soon Maritimes! 

Ren Chamberlain


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