‘Magical gardens’ enhance nutrition for Kenyan families

sarah 13

My name is Sarah Muthee. I am a second year graduate student at UPEI pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition, specializing in Food Security.


Research has shown that nutrition education plays an integral role in improving the food security and the nutritional status of women particularly when integrated with other agricultural interventions. This approach has been adapted in many developing countries such as Bangladesh and has produced profound results in improving both the quality and quantity of diets, most especially in the poor resource settings where women are limited by both cultural and financial constraints.


Although a lot of literature exists on food insecurity in Kenya, there is limited knowledge about the impact of a combined agriculture and peer-led nutrition education intervention in alleviating food insecurity. Therefore, my research projects seeks to investigate how this combined approach impacts the food security, diet diversity and  nutritional knowledge, attitudes, and practices of rural women farmers, belonging to self-help groups in Naari, Meru County.

sarah 9

Below are few photos of the enhanced gardens: The magical gardens that are providing fresh and nutritious vegetables to women all year round.  

    sarah 1


Below are few photos of the champions being trained and the cooking sessions:

 sarah 6

sarah 8



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